Meet Jonathan

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Vital Statistics so to speak:

My speed: Slow (see pic)

Location: Little Rock, Home Town

Age: 39

My name: Jonathan Catz

art of relaxation

photo is from (the pic will take you there)

I just love this photo, cause it’s where I wanna be. I’d my own pic up there, but I am shy and a bit over weight (hence the over-sized hammock), so I’d rather not right now.

I love quaint little towns. One of my favorite things is to simply get in the car and drive to rule areas in search of old towns with interesting character. I find a lot of these up in the Northeast.

I love driving through the hills and then coming across a little town that seems to be all by itself nestled on the part of the hill. One of the things I like to do is stop and enjoy a cup of coffee and a restaurant or if the place looks decent enough have some food for lunch.

Maybe this is all a sign that I’m getting old. (cause I am about to turn the 40).  I no longer am trying to master the latest dance moves or want to go to a club. I’d rather a much lower keys scenario. Speaking of low key…how about the Florida keys. I love vacationing there. A much lower energy setting where I can just chill out is the place I want to be. That’s probably one of the reasons I like to hang out at the beach with some reggae music playing in the background buy a live band and my favorite drink in my hand.

So, this blog is dedicated to kicking back. It is dedicated to all things chill. If you like to chill out, you will probably find some pretty cool stuff on this blog. As a matter fact I think I could even venture to say that laziness rules around here.