Say no to Time Suck and Say Hello to Relaxation

Say no to Time Suck and Say Hello to Relaxation


Finding time to do almost anything. I get it you’re busy. Well, I’m busy too. The other day, I was so busy doing yard work and I realized I needed to stop before I had a heart attack. I remember dropping everything in the yard and going inside, grabbing my phone and googling a tree service to help me with the rest of my yard. This is the one I found -> click here.  The owner answered and agreed to meet me to have a look at what I was up against. They totally did me right and I was able to get less busy…pronto. Do you know what I’m talking about. I remember telling somebody I was busy and his response was there’s no one busier than me. I laughed. I think that we’re all just trying to find time to do the things that we love.

What gets in the way? Life. Kids running around the house screaming because they lost their shoes. Maybe they left them over at a friends house maybe there in the van maybe there in the refrigerator for all I know. The point is that all of the demands can pull you and tons of different directions.

Life can be busy. It can be stressful.

So how do you push pause on all of this? Other than reading David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done” and some really creative discipline, I have found that there’s only one way for me. I pretty much have to shut all of my electronics off. I have to make it almost impossible for anybody to contact me. I have to make sure that my kids are in school or with someone else. And I have to be committed to leaving everything off. As soon as I want to check my emails or see who might’ve called I’m totally screwed.

So, give yourself permission to check out. It’s important that you do this every once in a while. Be lazy. Who cares. At the end of the day were all going to be put into a wooden box in the ground. Like they always say you won’t miss out on an extra days work that you somehow didn’t get to when you’re on your deathbed.

I hope you feel encouraged by this post to chill out today. Take a break. Set aside for yourself at least 10 minutes. Heck, how about half a day? Take yourself to a movie. Turn off your phone. Relax.

You just might find that you emerge with a bit more enthusiasm for life. I can always tell when I’m getting overly stressed. I simply don’t feel like doing anything. I feel like laying in my bed and staring at the ceiling fan as it goes around.

Once I have gotten enough downtime, then I notice a renewed enthusiasm in myself for life. The bigger returns and I find myself just wanting to do things. Once I’m in that place I really can handle pretty much anything. Trust me it helps.

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